I thank you lord for all my blessings an most importantly for my children

by Wynona (Seneca Missouri)

I was an grey with god after he took my 8 month old daughter from SIDS I burried her on my sweet16th birthday she had red hair an blue eyes I hated god for 10 years well I lived on a ranch in wickieup Arizona an I had a dog that had puppy’s an it called under the house an little to my nolage under traler there were 3 close lines full of snackes Mohave green an radel snakes so I couldn’t get any one to go so before I cralled under the house I said jokingly lord watch my back an yes I have wittnesses I cralled under an my kneese were on top of the snake an it was like they tryed to stike 3 inches from my face an the lord was there other were 3closelines full of snake my brother an cousin did not beleave me tell the heard them the next morning one month latter we moved to kingman an 3days latter only god knows I glasses at the sky an made a deal with god if he blessed me with another child I would prey to him every night 3days latter I found out I was pregnant with another daughter that’s now 18 an two sons 17 an 15