I thank you for everything & everyone in my life

God, I thank you for everything & everyone in my life. Please give me peace of mind and let my heart let go of some things in my past ..

please help me to stop going back into my past of being in my early 20 s when life was still stressful, but not as stressful as now in my 30 s when money seems to be what everything in life is about …materialistic things & physical beauty.

Please always let my beautiful Momma be in my dreams & by my side, and give me signs always. I pray for all of my family to relieve them of stress with money , and to lead us all on to our right paths..the path towards you. I thank you for the person I have in my life that I love and who loves me through good and bad times.

Please let me be able to give him my whole heart and please release my heart from being attached to someone in my past . The person I am with now is the person who I truly love & he is a beautiful person..

everything I’ve always wanted in a person and I’m so thankful he is my partner . Thank you God for all of my blessings..please Lead me on the right path with work also. I love you Dear God & Sweet Jesus

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