I surrender and I need you Dear Lord to carry me!

by Joy Ann (Virginia)

Please dear God help I surrender to you please carry me, I can not do it without you. Grant me financial blessings my debts are overwhelming and since I retired early to care for my mother as well as my mentally challenge sister. Dear Lord I’m begging for your guidance and blessings in my life. I have been everyone caretaker. Yet I have no one to lean on but you, my fix income is not enough for all that I have taken upon. I’m behind on my mortgage as well as other bills. I am applying for modification as well. Dear Lord I ask that you put me on the right path, I get confuse and sometimes I let these things worry me to where I feel chest pains. I ask for forgiveness when I worry because I don’t want you to think I don’t believe when I truly do. I need help for my mom who has decline health wise and due to her insurance limitations it’s all on me. I need for her Medicaid to be approve so that she can get all benefits. She has dementia and is staying with me until her house is in livable condition due to a flood damage. I need for you to show where should I go and stay permanently with them. You have answered my prayers before which only you could have. So I ask for financial debt relief, my mom situation and strenght so I can continue to carry out whatever is your desire. I will always give to others but please allow me to receive an abundance of blessings so I can share them as well. Thank you dear Lord, in Jesus name Amen!

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