I surrender all to you, oh Lord

by Lynn (Johannesburg)

Father God I come to u with weight on heart, mind and soul. I have been separated from my fiance Tazz for a year & 4 months now. He cheated on me with several girls and also lied to me about a lot of things @ every given opportunity he had. We have a 3 year old boy Hayden and he is truly a blessing. I became an angry, vile, vulgar woman towards him and ended up separating. GOD I still love him and believe that we can fix our ralationship. I know he still loves loves me. I pray father GOD with your grace and mercy to remove all the bad elements in his life, I pray dear lord that he seeks your approval and guidance when he needs to make any decisions in his life and not his so called twisted friends.

Lord I pray for a miracle in that he turns his back on his friends and comes back home to his kids Hayden and Landon! Father you know these boys love, need and adore their dad! And the dad loves them too, but he will leave us stranded for good times, alcohol and woman!

Father is ask that wherever he stands this moment that the seed to change is planted and that confussionreigns in his mind and that his heart is engulfed with love for me and our 2 boys. I pray that he comes back home to live with us, I pray that he stops consuming alcohol and chasing woman!

I pray that he overnight becomes a man of GOD, I pray for blessed, honest marriage with him and Lord for protection and guidance of my family including him! I lord for this promise that I will not be sexually active with him or any other then until I am married. All This dear Lord, I bring to you in pray & with utmost faith that you have answered my prayer. His out drinking now Lord with woman and his friends bring him back home to us! Amen! Thank you Jesus!