I surrender all of my life, all of my suffering and hopes and desire before You

by Philip (Vacacity)

Dear Almighty God all powerfull, Knowing and Loving, i come before You once again to surrender all of my life, all of my suffering and hopes and desire before You.

Dear Lord, my beloved, the Dear Love Of My Life and i have been distancing for the past two months, for no appearent single reason, and now she decided to split up because she doesn’t feel happy by my side even thou i tried my best and did all i could, yet iam most desperate oh Lord because i dont know what to do, what i can do or even if i can do something to have her back, and i love her so deeply, theres been only a day but i already feel like dying and so i have felt for weeks feelings the distance growing, trying desperately to do something, praying everyday with no apparent answer either…
Please God i need help, i love her so much, i just want her back, i want to make her happy, i want to marry her and have a nice relationship, and i want to be happy with her, have a family and make You happy as well oh Lord.
Please, be steady and fast, oh Lord. i have loved her from the first monet you’ve put her in my life and now it seems everything and everyone is against me, no matter what try, i need a miracle, one today, i feel like id rather have died than make her or anyone around me feel bad because of this, i just want her back, i need her as much as i need air, and thats just all that i want, i just want to love her and be loved by her, its all that i want Dear Lord… please, be urgent, in Jesus name amm.