I Stretch My Hands To Thee, No Other Help I Know

by Whyme (Atlanta, Ga, USA)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you this day, at this time, at this precised hour asking that you bless me, my finance, my home, my child and my relationship. I’ve been lied on, talked about and misunderstood. I know that I need favor in prayer to change some of my inpatient ways but I just want to be loved. I know that you sent MM into my life and the devil has been succeeding in destroying everything I hoped and prayed for. Lord, you are the almighty GOD, I bow down to you on bending knees with my arms stretched wide, asking you to please turn this turmoil around. I know you’re a GOD of happiness and nothings to hard for you. It seems as though the harder I pray the worst things get. I’ve found myself foolishly losing my faith, but when I seemed to be at my wits end, I get this thought and remember, somebody must be praying for me. God I ask for forgiveness in all my wrong doings, all the times you have kept me, even when I was losing all hope you loved me enough to keep me in your path. I’ve tried confiding in family, friends and even tried to commit suicide yet none of it worked, so I’m putting all my trust back into your hands Lord, no longer will I allow Satan to take over my mind. I give it to you Jesus, I’m letting go and letting GOD do a work in me……thank you heavenly father, thank you. I know it’s already worked out. Amen

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