I stand now in front of you Lord, in need of a miracle…

by Monica (San Jose, Ca.)

I don’t want fame or fortune, I want to see your face. I want no way our or any escape from you. I never want to look back. I have been weak, oh so weak in my past. I have turned on you and I have pretended that you were not there. I need an undeniable change in me. I need those whose lives I have touched past and present to see it. I need your light to shine so awesome and bright that people can barely take the glare. They will KNOW that your presence is there. Take my soul right now, I give it to you. I will be your prophetess, your witness, your teacher, and your healer of many. I give my life to you and only you. There is no other God before you. I will learn your language and speak of you in all that I do. You are my redeemer. People need to see you. Make me yours I give you my soul in the same way that I have given myself to sins and to my flesh and to the sick, and to evil. I need a miracle my sweet Jesus. I ask for it humbly and in your name. By your blood which I KNOW was shed for me, I call you right now to use me as you used Mary, Matthew, Mark, Joseph, John, Peter, Paul, King Solomon. Use me Jesus. I have faith that you will, and I know that you are in your own time. I am open to your love and perfect goodness. Please do no deny me your ear, take this soul because I give it to you.

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