I request a prayer for my mariage

by Bebs (Phililppines)

I pray to God that my husband will change his bad attitudes and thinking towards other people. I am praying that he will know how to respect me in all aspects. I pray to God that he will stop drinking so that i am not afraid when he`s drunk. I pray to God that he will learn to love my family especially my eldest daughter.

I pray to God that he will learn to forgive my those who hurt him, intentional or unintentional. I pray to God that he will learn the meaning of respect towards me and others.I pray to God that i will try to restore my love for him. I pray to God that i will learn to forgive him for all those hurtful words i heard from him, physical abuse and emotional abuse. I hope my prayers will be granted so that i can able to feel the happiness, contentment and peace of mind that i lost for many years now.

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  1. Prayer

    I am praying for you and your family I pray that the lord will heal your husband and that you will never lose faith I know the lord can change him and he can make everything better for you and your family so my friend I pray that he will remove anything that is not good for him in Jesus name I pray.

  2. Praying and agreeing with you

    I pray that our Heavenly Father will hear your prayers…even the unspoken or unwritten needs.

  3. Faith

    Physical abuse is never acceptable
    My prayers are with you
    Hard for me to tell you to leave as more details
    Are needed however my prayers are with both of you
    The following works with faith
    Go to church each Sunday even if by yourself
    Invite your husband but do not nag him
    Or push him or Critisize him just go yourself
    No matter what believe me your example
    Will have an effect on him give it time
    Jesus needs you
    I know I have been married to my wife for 35 yrs
    And I am the one who went to church by myself
    We now have gone to church even if we had a fight the
    Day before we literately drove to church not talking
    To each other but when church was over things were

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