I Repent please restore our relationship My God

by Donna Brawner (Oak Ridge, TN)

After hearing from you My God my heart is both full and peaceful. I wondered why all these things were taking place in my life that seemed so unfair. I would cry and pray but I still felt like you were not there. How selfish of me to ask of you and I rendered nothing in return. I put you last and made you least the total opposite of the way you treated me. I now know to keep you first. I abandoned our relationship for the emotions of the world to satisfy my own self. I broke promises and never kept commitments. How could I fall to such a low degree. Tonight I ask you Lord to please forgive me. I can’t go on without you nor do I desire too my heart won’t let me walk away anymore from you. I’m not asking for anything in this world all I’m asking is for our relationship to be restored. I Love You Father God with all my heart and I desire this new start. Amen!

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