I receive a message from a good friend who helped me

by Dennis (Philippines)

Dear God,

I receive a message from a good friend who helped me when my family was in dire need. My mom was in the hospital dying in November 2011 and we did not have the means to pay her hospital bills.

You sent this very good and understanding friend who lent me $7K to pay for my mom’s hospitalization.

He did not charge me any interest on that debt… and in 2013 even sent me an email saying – he understands that my father had just died as well so he was giving me time.

Last night as I was walking home, i was reminded of my helplessness in pay ing him off. And as a confirmation, I read a PM he just sent…. asking if I could begin paying him in installments starting 2017. He said it was hard for him to ask me for his money.. but he is expecting some big expenses next year.

God, nothing has changed in my financial situation – and I still do not know how I could pay him off with my very meager salary in the ministry. I really do not know. I need your miracle. I want to pay him off as he needs it for his family as well. But I do not know how.

I started brainstorming all the things i could sell…but they will still not amount to anything more than $1K. I even entertained about offering my other kidney to the wealthy patients who may need it. Sorry Lord…

I did not get any sleep … Sorry for all the desperate things that I am thinking. God please deliver me from this. If I need to work somewhere…I have no one, literally no one to share this burden with.

I am dreading 2017… I do not know how. I need your miracle God. Maybe a big job or another steady income….

Please God..