I put my faith into you….Help us!

Dear lord, as we continue to sit here and pray for Ronnie. Let him continue to fight. We have hope and faith along with you lord so we know we can’t possibly go wrong. He’s a little soldier lord that’s what you made him:)Why are thankful that you still have him here with us and i hope you continue to keep it that way.

Sometime i worry my little head of the burdens you placed upon him and i get over it because i know he will fight! He’ll get healthier, stronger and better. Most think it’s impossible and before you know it he’ll lost the war. But i think not he’ll win and prove everyone wrong.

Khiary and Jarail got em’, they’ll make sure he will come out on top. With everything in me i know he’ll get better. I thank you lord and day by day where taking and accepting each step. Amen.

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