I pray you help the court see it was an accident

by Jacob (Colorado)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord oh mighty Lord. All I will ever need is in your mighty hands. You are great and powerful Lord. You are my everything. Lord I come before you today for your judgment. I did a bad thing that got me accused of something else. I pray you help the court see it was an accident and see that I have turned my life in a new direction, your direction great Lord. I pray with what ever happens you help me now to not worry and rest assured you will handle it. Also I pray the outcome of these trials and tribulations is I stay home with my family. I pray so hard, day and night, that you do this for me. I have no right to ask for anything with you have given me the best thing someone ever could with is you Lord. You have me the knowledge to know you and have you hear my prayers. I know I’m no where close to perfect a lord but I pray you hear this and forgive me for my son and help me from sinning anymore. I want to learn more about you and a keep on my toes for the day I meet you. I love you Jesus.

I am great full for what I have in life that was given to me by You. I pray again lord please help this trial go in my way. I pray Lord oh great Lord! I pray you hear this prayer as I will repeat it dally. Thank you your Majesty for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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