I pray you bring and end to suffering

by Joline (Vista, Ca)

Dear heavenly father,

I come before you tonite as a frustrated and grieved mother for my daughter nicole.
I lift her up to you and pray you will touch her heart she is so angry and has been used by her father and her aunt to hurt me and further their abuse towards me.

I pray you will rebuke the devil who is telling her to disrespect her mother and grandmother, I pray you will convict her heart and bless her I pray you will have mercy on her for her rebellious actions and piercing words that hurt I pray you will be with her and put someone in her path who will demonstrate righteousness and love. I pray someone in a position of power will be used by you heaven father to bring devine justice to the wrongs that have taken place.

I pray you bring and end to suffering, anger, grief and strife and heal with love and tears and remorse for wrongdoings.
In jesus name I pray

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