I pray today, tomorrow and the weekend

My Dear Lord, Thank you for another day past without any problems. I pray today, tomorrow and the weekend I make it through without any problems, as well. You are awesome and glorious! I praise you, Lord! You are my salvation and my Saviour who I worship each and everyday all day long. You give me strength to carry on in this hard world I live in. I believe your promises of protection and prosperity and love. I know you love me unconditionally and I love you with all my heart, Lord Jesus for you died on the cross for my sins so I may be saved from enternal hell. You protect me from satan and from evil. You are with me each day I live and give me hope each day. O Lord! Please do not forsake me!

I know you will not! I ask this of you because I am still worried, as you know. But, I have faith but, need more and more to get me by each day. I want to feel you hear all my desparate cries for help and listen to all my prayers.

I feel your presence within me and I feel the holy spirit. I will always worship you, my Lord! I am yours for eternity! I believe you will protect me. I know you will. I need you always in my life my Lord! I give my promise to you to pray to you each and every day. You are my salvation and the light and the way to Heaven! I love you Lord as you love me. I am here to serve only you. I look forward to the day I can be with you and all my family who has past on. For I pray in your name Jesus! AMEN

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