I pray to you with everything down in my soul

by Shantel (Detroit)

Dear god protect my family nevaeh and Anthony please watch over him as he Rome the streets protect him from the evel that learks the world I pray that he will see what your plans are for him protect my baby nevaeh so that she may never grow up and have to face the difficulties of life that I had to face show her that its not OK for a man to treat her any kind of way.

Protect her Fatherther God I pray to you that my family stay together protect my family I pray for you to forgive anthony for what he does wrong.forgive him for his wrongs that he dose not know and for thw wrong he may do from here on out.I pray that u turn his life around show him that their are some peoples out her like I and nevaeh that loves him

I pray for you to keep my family as one help us to be the family I feel we could be for nevaeh father god I pray I pray to you with everything down in my soul I pray father God ,Jesus chirst,Jehovah help me to help me family see how much we were ment to be together i pray for your help .

In Jesus name I pray Amen