I pray to you for the reconciliation of our relationship

by Sara (USA)


I pray to you for the reconciliation of our relationship. I ask that You may touch each of our hearts and fill them with much love for each other, reminding us of why we fell in love. I pray You remove any and all evil that is trying to destroy us and replace it with the Holy Spirit. I pray for forgiveness from You and my partner for the unacceptable ways we have acted. I pray that You may touch his heart and restore his faith, not only in our love, but within himself too. May you soften our problems so that we can regain sight of the love we share. We may be apart right now, but I pray that You will renew our relationship by reminding us of the beautiful love we have for one another. I ask that You lead us not into temptations but deliver us from evil in all ways. Reunite our true and glorious love, please remove the blinders from our hearts and minds. Cast out any temptations and transform our relationship that has endued so many struggles lately, to the way You desire us to be once more. Help us to forgive each other and renew our relationship to the next step of marriage. I pray You will make this feeling mutual for my partner. I pray to always have a submissive heart with my partner. Please help me to honor, appreciate, adore, and deeply love and cherish him always. When he is troubled I ask that You help me to calm his anxiety, anger, or sadness and to be patient and understanding in his time of need. Please help him to honor, appreciate, adore, and deeply love and cherish me as well as have patients with me during my times of need. I pray that we will be able to renew this relationship by working together as one to have a better relationship with the Lord as we forgive each other and work together on our relationship. Please Lord, do not let us stray. May be able to continue on the journey we have started. I ask that You please touch our hurting hearts and allow us to dwell under the shadow of your wings while the realization of our loving relationship is mended.
I pray this through Christ our Lord,