I pray to you father to bring Wycliffe back to me

Lord, I pray to you father to bring Wycliffe back to me. In his eyes i am everything bad he said about me and it hurts me that he has no faith in the love i have for him. I really tried the most little things to show him just that. I have my flaws and insecurities but that is because of what he has done. Lord please help him to be reasonable in how he understands things and please help us both to be considerate towards each others feelings. We are sinful beings but i ask for your forgiveness Lord. Show us both a way to get back to one another and help him realize all that i have done which was for him. Help me to be humble but lord help him not belittle me or take advantage of my feelings. I love him lord please bring him back. Lord he is not talking to me and it hurts. Lord I will accept if it over but I still have one last fight in me and that is to pray and beg you Lord
I know you will come through for me like you always do. Amen