I pray to support my daughter in obtaining social security benifits

Dear Creator,

I pray with every fiber of my being that you will help me advocate and win social security for my daughter.You know her brain.I am not mad that she has her disorders or diseases but am looking hard past the stress and heartache I see her going though and the lessons and ways she touches other people.I ask that you provide me with the light you made me with to provide for her in the darkness of times.I ask that that violence and abuse not find its way to her like it has me.Please help these human doctors and judges and people in in her life know that she does have lifelong neurological issues and she needs a loving and supportive enviroment to grow in.She needs food to eat and and security in knowing that she she is well loved.I am her only parent and have no one of my own except you.She is my family.She is a miracle. please help us overcome our financial and health struggles.Please help me realize that I am here for her and that I have a lot of love to offer.Forgive me for for being mad or nervous or only praying when I am at my wits end.Please God,send us some love and grace and financial security so we can help ourselfs to to help one another.Thanks for all your gifts.

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