I pray to our almighty God for mercy

by George (Toronto Canada)

I pray to our almighty God,

It is a long long time physical and psychological threaten and luck to be alive. But I am 71 years old now and not easy to against suffering as well as dizzy can be great risk about falling down.

The disturbing dizzy on the way to Dubai by plane and Chengdu China on the plane(They are make use of my travel tour to threaten me as well as treated as an accidental harm) , I’m worried about these electronic instruments and external environmental impact results and electronic remote control will affect the outcome of the test.It ought to be enough no matter bleeding(With reference to Dr. Annie Yan Xu of Hongkog Polytechnic University
said about the dangerous of Electromagnetic scissors (won Nobel Price
in 1997). This electromagnetic scissors remote as it is about organs bleeding .

Over the past few decades, It is a long long time Physical and psychological threaten..

I am afraid they will use all the different ways And even forcibly against me until the end. The individual suffering from attacks by electronic communications around the world has been for a long time. But my neighbor Daniel Wong (The Registered Hongkong Professional Housing Manager) said that he definitely abused me at the end daily. Also he said he has a super power without fear of gang triad. he has very rich and powerful back ground in Hong Kong’s real estate hegemony.He said from his heart.
Actually, Hongkong Government do nothing about him even I call the police.

I am afraid an hidden harm and accident will damage me. Please help and mercy to me.

I beg God mercy to me!

George Kwong