I Pray to be the Blessing to Others

(Dawson PA)

Dear Lord Our God and Father, I lift my Prayer up to you.

I thank you God, for this beautiful Day, as each one holds great Promise, for better things to come.
Thank you Dear God, for the ways you have Blessed us here in our Home. I Thank you for providing my basic needs, The Shelter from the Storms, the Food that gives Strength, and the Clothing, though humble as these things are, they are Great Treasures to us.
Let your Will be done through me. Let my hands do Your Work to further the Ministry of the Teachings of Jesus Christ.
You know my needs better than I, and I lift these concerns up to you with this Prayer. Please Dear God, grant me the ways, and the means to carry on with the Grace from your Holy Spirit, so that I may be the Generous Giver, instead of the one who is in need. These things I ask and Pray, in Jesus Name, Amen!

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