I pray that you will restore my 4 and a half year relationship

by Latifah (United States)

Lord I pray that you will restore my 4 and a half year relationship. Bring Him back into my life Father and help us fix where we went wrong. Remove all the jealous family and friends negative advice out. He loves me and I love him Lord.

I also pray that He will call me each and every day, even move back to the state to live with me. When we are out people always find a way to bless us and I hope you work a miracle over this situation. Last time we talked he said how much he loves me and I told him the same. His family are very controlling of his life and don’t wanna see him happy. They even lie to his past girlfriends and tried to run them off.

I have been faithful to him and he was faithful to me, but when he moves back it with his mother things change between us. So I sincerely ask you lord to show him how much I love him how much I was good and stood by his side. Help him to realize these things father and come back. We talked all the time about marriage and kids.

We had plans to move and get us a place together. Father I still believe some way some how you will bring him back into my life and fix everything. I pray to God that you answer this prayer Lord and reunite us back as one.

I love this man so much and I know he feels the same but something somewhere went wrong and it had to do with a person who didn’t wanna see us happy and I pray you will remove whatever the problem is and restore us. In Jesus Name Amen!

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