I pray that you soften his heart lord God

by Bobbie (Big Springs, Tx)

I don’t even know where to begin.. I am so lost and devastated with how my husband is acting towards us and saying such things to our boys.. Lord god I plead to you God.. I am not through with our marriage or our family lord God..

I pray that you soften his heart lord god and show him that love he had for me.. Change his heart lord it’s become cold and hateful. Lord god help me to understand.. Lord he has filed for divorce and I’m not ready to give up on our family lord God. Show him god don’t let him get away with this lord God and end our Family as we know it. I know we can make it lord God. So much has been said and done I don’t agree with but, I know god that it’s not him god he is under Satan god we are under attack lord God.. Help us god soften his heart and take away the anger.

I know I haven’t been perfect wife but, I know I love him lord god and don’t want my marriage to end. I will try daily to be a better wife mother step mother Christian.. I will try to always do better.. Lord god I beg of you.. Allow him to forgive and see lord god. You know what I’m going through lord and I never thought my family would ever be in this kind of situation lord god and I plead with you for your help lord God.. In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray Amen..

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