I pray that you look over me and my family

by Elizabeth (Dallas Tx Usa)

Dear God,

I am here to pray to you, I’m feeling pain, anxiety, and worry. I pray that you look over me and my family. I pray that have a rheumatologist for me to help with my lupus and ra as I am in so much pain, I also pray that you could look over my family and show the person with our app for the home that we are honest good candidates to have the home we have been hoping for.

I am so worried for my family. I also would like to thank you, for I know that you have been with us this far because we see tomorrow every day. Thank you for watching over us and thank you for giving your life for us. I’m sorry if my prayer isn’t formatted right I’m trying to get use to doing this. I hope to move to that home we are wanting anda am really excited for our first attending day at the new church down the street from the home so we can start worshipping you and living right and happy. In your name I pray.. Amen