I pray that you help me with my son who is growing up

by Nellie (Singapore)

Dearest St Joseph,

I pray that you help me with my son farrel who is growing up, Please teach him responsibilities in life, help him to stop excessive drinking its not good for his health and it damaging to this organ. I been talking to him he tried and he and I need your divine intervention please.

Teach him like you would teach Jesus and watch over him like you would Jesus our Lord. I love all my children in their own special way. Please ask your son Our Lord to keep him save and bless him in all the Lord have plan for him. May our Lord hear your intersection protect him from all evil and danger to his life.

Farrel is also looking for life partner too may you ask our Saviour Jesus to sent him a life partner that our lord have choosen May they enjoy blessing life together I pray Amen

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