I pray that we can get out of debt

by Mairim (Hampton , VA)

I pray that we can get out of debt. I have not worked in six months; I have been helping to care for my 100 year old grandmother. My mother passed away last month unexpected so now I am here with my brother caring for grandma. My husband is in another state working and has suffered a heart attack but is doing better.

Our financial situation is very, very tight. We are having difficulties pay the car and other bill, so I pray that The Lord help with our financial situation.

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  1. i pray that we get out of debt

    Dear God our Holy Father of Light, I pray for this family to be covered and sealed in the blood of Jesus now. Help them to find help for the grandmother, and bless them with some financial help. In the name of Jesus who lives and reigns with our one God, forever and ever, AMEN Hallelujah P raise GOD.

  2. Debt

    I pray for you this mornings
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Consult with an attorney who can advise
    You about your debt a bankruptcy atty
    So you can have a fresh start
    As the debt was forgiven by land owner
    In the Bible

  3. Praying

    I saw your prayer and can relate to your situation, cause at home I’m pretty much in the same boat. I pray that God be with us, may he give our families the strength and protection to pull through. Do not lose faith, keep believing and stay praying. God will come through for us. This may be cause He wants to prepare us and test our strength, but I believe better days are coming. The Lord will never forsake his children, God be with us.

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