I pray that my partner of 5 years will return to me and that we will both love and urn to the ways of God

by Carla (Atlanta Georgia)

Dear God I believe within my soul that you have put us together for a reason and I have let you down by not doing as you have asked of me. Please forgive me, please give us another chance let me be the woman that would shine with your love in my heart, that I would cease from gossip and slander, that I would give unconditionally , that I may put you first in my life, so that together we will both be drawn to you, let our hearts bind together as one, let us pray together, toil one for the other, I thank you in advance for the change in me that I will live my life according to your will, remove everything that is unlike you from us, I pray to for a miracle if it is your will let it be done as I think of him, let him think of me, as you love us let us love you. Let us work together towards a everlasting relationship, i thank with my heart let thy will be done Amen.

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