I pray that my luck will change for the better

by Rich P (Eugene, OR, USA)


Please help me land a job that pays well and helps me pay my bills and keep me from becoming homeless. I am so close to being on the streets for the first time in my life. I have not had a lot of luck in landing a job, I have had some interviews and have put in for a lot of jobs.

I have been living off my savings which is almost gone, and I am falling behind with my bills. Please God if you could send good luck my my I would be very thankful to you. I will pray that my luck changes soon so that I can live a happier life without having to worry about where I may be sleeping or getting food next month.


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  1. Your luck is changing right now!

    Hi Paul,

    I have prayed for you today. The Angels are working behind the scenes on your behalf. I can see them. Relinquish the fear and worry and the job will be there. Throw your hands up and surrender this massive problem to them. You will not be homeless. You will prosper. But, you must do your only part and that is to let go. Blessings to you!

  2. Pray for my luck to change

    I need a prayer for my luck to change for the better . I want my manager from my old job to call me back and say I can come back to my old job that’s my only source of income right now I have no source of income coming in the government not sending any money for me and my daughter anymore they keep sending me a letter that the document I provided is no except able and I owe money I have no money to repay them at this point and I don’t y they r doing this my daughter has been living me since I birth her and now they don’t believe me. I cry that this is happening to me I cry that the government doesn’t believe that I am telling the truth. I’m so broke right now I have no income and I feel it for me especially my daughter I just need my manger to call me back and

    Give me some happy news that I can go back to my job and for the governor to except my documents that I sent them and all this will be over and that I my luck will change for the better. Amen

  3. prayer for a promotion

    dear God

    I have waited 15 years for a promotion and I was denied the opportunity due to evil intentions by management. they purposely awarded the posts to their contacts. I worked hard for this post and was denied it over and over due to malpractice and corruption.

    please open my path for the promotion I beg of God.I haven’t given as yet.

    I need blessings and remove any blockages on my path


    at your mercy

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