I pray that my Husband will come back to me

by Aurora (Alaska U.S.)

Dear St. Jude

I pray that my husband will come to me, and bring me to the place where he is working and staying. I want to keep our marriage I want to be with him.I’m always waiting for him day and night Till death do us part. I’m a devoted wife. He is working very far and he never like to come and stay with me.

He like to stay away and separated. We are married for 3 years but he is always working very far and we do not have any physical contact. My Husband’s name is Kenneth and he left me here in Anchorage for almost a year now. I’m a Filipino citizen and I came here as an spouse visa. I live with my friend and get some help from other people that understand my situation. I’m lack of food and other personal neccesities.

Please help me .. I’m very worried and I have trouble in sleeping and always thinking about him. I’m frustrated and depressed.

Please help me St. Jude.

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  1. My prayers for you

    Dear sister in Christ, please make your prayer to God the father in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died for us on that rugged cross for our sins. Please remember God’s promise that He will neither leave us nor forsake us. So please make your requests with complete faith and trust in our Lord.You are in my prayers and I believe that things will fall in place for you soon.

  2. Keep praying and hoping

    God’s Will will be done in your life.
    He will hear and answer your prayers and do the best for you

  3. He hears

    The Lord sees you…He is faithful to His Word and has a special plan for your life. Ask Him to show you.

  4. Receive your reconciliation!

    I came here for prayers for my marriage on my birthday, and found your prayer request! The word says that wherever 2 or more are gathered & want you to know my prayers are for your marriage to be restored, God wants that too! Stand for it in faith as if God has already done it & thank & praise Him for it. He will perfect you & your marriage in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). He holds every heart in His hand & guides it wherever he pleases like a watercourse (proverbs 21:1) try not to rely in your own understanding & know that your spouse can’t rely on their own understanding either (proverbs 3) Even if your spouse has seperated from you God desires reconciliation (1 Corinthians 7:10-15) and remember whatever you ask in the name of Jesus, if will be done so that the father may be glorified in the son (John 14:13). Focus all of your thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. about your marriage & how you can reflect Christ to your spouse or how Christ can use where your spouse is to turn to Him during this time. (2 Corinthinas 10:5) and on what is God made, good & pure about your spouse & give your negativity & fear to God to handle (proverbs 15:26 & Phillipians 4:8 & Luke 8:50). Pray for the rescue of your marriage & spouse in this time in the name of Jesus (Psalm 82:4). then believe & receive He has done it (Mark 11:24) and wait on The Lord strongly (Psalm 27:14) as he prepares to restore your marriage with the holy carpenter’s hand so that you & your spies may receive a double portion (Isaiah 61:7) of faith, hope, & love in your renewed marriage so that you can live in harmony & in accord wirh Christ as one voice, glorify The Lord (Romans 15:5) God bless you & your spouse & Happy Birthday, my prayers are with you!!

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