I pray that me and my ex boyfriend to come back in my life.

by Valentina (Corpus Christi Tx US)

My Heavenly Father. Its been over a year since Adrian and I broke up. Father 6 years ago , I prayed that he would be mine. And he was God. For 4 years. Im sorry God that I was living with him without being married. And that I put him first. I thank u God for giving me a second chance to live. God you know that I still love him . And if you would give him back to me. In a way that both of us will love you and serve you in a way that u want us too. He use to tell me I dont believe in God. But lord I know that you can change his heart. And if hes not the one for me anymore. Please let me not hurt over him anymore. I feel for some reason I still hold on. Only u know my Lord. What you have plan for me. But no matter what. I will serve u the rest of my life. I love you my father. And I pray in Jesus Name Amen