I pray that I get a nice good job with a good boss

by Muwanga (Belgium)

Dear God,

Through your beloved son Jesus Christ, I pray that I get a nice good job with a good boss and workmates and with nice conditions.

Lord Almighty, am praying for a nice beautiful appartement with affordable and good low cost and with a nice landlord.
Lord Jesus Christ, I also pray that I may be given citizenship for 5yrs before the end of next year June.

Thank you, thank you Jesus. NDI PEASEMORE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY bless everyone who is joining hands in prayer with me that may each other them see your mercy and they get whatever they are seeking and desiring to have.

Heavenly father what you give onto this world is the least of the riches you put aside for us living in this world. You are the king of kings and God of God’s thus bless us all, Lord. Bless everyone else those who haven’t managed to join me in prayer, my enemies, those friends I knw and those I don’t know and each and everybody.


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