I pray that I am able to relinquish my fears and family problems

(Katy, TX)

Dear Lord – our Heavenly Father,

I come to you humbled and broken. It is hard for me to put things in your hands. I pray that I am able to relinquish my fears and family problems to you knowing that you have a plan. My family is in turmoil and troubled. I do pray for my family constantly but yet still try to play mediator between my husband and our children. My husband’s emotions are to the extreme. He loves hard but also gets very angry and expresses his anger without thinking about the consequences. My husband yells when he gets angry. He says hurtful things that he later regrets. A lot of the time he is warranted in being upset. But the delivery is wrong. I try to smooth things over with our children. Explain to them where their father is coming from but the damage is already done. Our children are being driven away from us. They have continually expressed they don’t want to be around their father. They are happier when he is gone. They can’t wait to move out. My husband had a bad day at work. When he got home, he felt as though my daughter was being disrespectful. He started yelling and cursing at her and then called down my son and did the same to him. I was in disagreement and told him my feelings. Granted, I shouldn’t have done that in front of the kids. He became very angry and yelling at me. My husband then told me not to do anything for him anymore and not to expect anything from him either. He was done. He packed some things and left. Dear Lord – I am struggling. I want to fight for my family, stand by my husband – but I don’t want to lose my children in the process. He called me to say he thought about things and this time he feels as though he is right. And to say again he is done with our family. Then hung up and turned off his phone. We need your help Lord to repair and mend our family. I pray that my children can forgive their father and our family can unite. I pray that we all see and realize our faults and roles in our problems. I pray my husband realizes his self righteousness and is humbled and can change his ways. Please help our family.

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