I pray that God protect, heal and cure my precious babies.

by Vicky (Miami, Fl)

We are first time parents to beautiful twin girls who were born at 25 weeks. They have been in NICU for two months now. Our baby A had to be resuscitated at two weeks old leaving her with brain damage. She is now diagnosed with perventricular leukomalacia. This has caused her to have delayed motor skills such as constricted limbs and slowed eye movement. There is a high risk of her developing cerebral palsy. She will need physical and speech therapy. Baby B has been diagnosed with cystic encephamalcia which consist of abscess and fluid build up in the ventricles of her brain and meningitis. Fluid must be drained out of her brain via lumbar puncture (spine) every other day and weekly head ultrasounds. I pray that God protect, heal and cure my precious babies. May he lay his hands on their heads and be their physician. May God have mercy on them so they may have a healthy recovery and have a normal life. God please give us the strength to be strong for our babies, direction to make the right decisions for our daughters and be great parents. Thank God. We love you .

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