I Pray that God expand my Borders and Blessings ten FOld

by Ezekial (Minnesota])

I pray that god expand my borders and bless me ten fold so that I may be a worker of His living word and be a shining light to those in the darkest of night.

I pray that your hand always be upon me so that no evils or vile things come lay into my life or on my things. I pray that the attitudes and ill intentions of the less fortunate and sick I come into contact with will not affect my unwavering strength of promise in the Lords living word each day. They re sick and they need help so their illness will not affect me while I am in God’s sight doing Gods Work even if it is only my presence let your light of love shine forth through my eyes and my touch so that they all know that the Lord my God has been there. I attribute all things good and sad or bad to you Lord for it is but a time or a season for the reasons and that we may all accept them as they come without question or ill regard . We pray that you God answer this prayer and what s contained in the intentions of it thru your sons name jesus christ name