I pray that everyday I can also give selflessly


Thank you for giving me anther day to praise your name. I come to you broken hearted and ready to heal. Lord you know my heart better than I do myself, I long so badly to be pregnant again. After the miscarriage, It has been so hard to stay positive and trust in your plan. Father, I pray that you bless me with patience, understanding and peace. Patience for your plan and all that you have lined up for me. Understanding for what has happened and the strength to move on. I know this is part of your plan for me, I know you have bigger and better things for me ahead. Peace in my heart so that I can whole heartedly put my trust in you.

Lord, you are a Father that give and only wants our love in return. I pray that everyday I can also give selflessly. So that I can teach my future children what the love of the Lord looks like through man.

Bless this body, ready to do your work. Bless this body so that I can conceive and carry out a healthy pregnancy. I’m ready, Abba. Please bless my husband and I with a child we can love, nurture and teach.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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