I pray my sins are forgiven. May I become a better Christian

by Catherine (Orlando, Florida)

Lord, please heal the Earth of evil and sin. I pray all who are lost, become believers of Your unconditional love and those who do not follow , find You, Almighty Father. I pray the self serving become compassionate and learn to give. Dear Lord, help those who are sick and suffering feel peace and are healed. I pray all who feel abondoned, feel love and purpose. Lord, please free those suffering alone and in silence, bring them toward prayer and support. I pray those who feel invisible and unheard, have a voice; may they be seen. Lord, please help the angry and feared, let go of resentment;.may they learn forgiveness and love. I pray those filled with rage, find peace; please fill their heart’s with Your bright light.

Lord, I pray all injustices follow truth and understanding. I pray all who are estranged from family , reunite in love and forgiveness. Lord, fill those with emptiness in their hearts with warmth. Please bring spiritual awareness to those lost; may they climb out of darkness into Your loving light.
Lord, may those desperate and in pain, find the power of prayer, Your loving mercy, and to their lives, profound change.
Lord, let all learn, those who walk with Christ will have everlasting life and love within their souls. I pray for all that have passed before me; I pray I am reunited with those I love and miss. Lord, I pray that all of the Earth know love and loathe hatred. May all anxiety and pain among the world, be replaced with contempt and love and that depression and feelings of emptiness be replaced with joy and fullfillment.
Lord, I pray my sins are forgiven. May I become a better Christian, a stronger, healthier person, and may I know You stronger. I pray those I have hurt, will forgive me, knowing I am still a work in progress and learn from my misgivings.

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