I pray he will have to face you very very soon

Dear Lord, I have been praying to you earnestly now for nine months. It was not until Dec. 27, 2012 when I received a very troubling call that alarmed me that began my praying to you. I have not been the same since. It has costed me dearly and a debt I will never have paid out unless I sell my house. I now face the same again but, much worse. The person responsible for this is a very evil evil person who used your name to do some very very bad things.

I pray he will have to face you very very soon but, hopefully he comes to swift justice even much sooner. I pray that the next thing I face will not cause me to lose my house and my income. Time will only tell and you Lord are the only hope I have left. Without hope from you that I will be alright will destroy me entirely.

I see the end of my life as I know it if this goes very badly. I do not want to have to face this but, I have to before it comes back to haunt me later on. I know this and I did not think it would ever come to this, but, I cannot wish or pray this away. Only you, Lord can protect and save me. I pray you do not forsake me. I pray this in your holy name, Jesus Christ. AMEN

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