I pray he loves me and will never stop loving me

by Tamara (Kingston Jamaica)

Dear lord, its been rlly hard hardly hearing from my boyfriend compared to how we use to be. My heart is broken and I miss my lover and my friend badly. I pray that not a day will pass and he doesn’t thinks of me.

I hope someday we will work this out and rekindle or love for each other. I pray he loves me and will never stop loving me. He he makes me happy and I want to be the one who makes him genuinely happy also. Help us to realize each others worth. I pray that nothing will ever separate us. lately we have been giving off this don’t care attitude and we need to stop and start showing each other that we do love and care for one another. Bless or hearts lord and fill our hearts with love for each other. Help us to forgive each other and to communicate more often. I love u kenrick with all my heart. And I pray that u genuinely loves me too. Amen

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