I pray for your strenght and guidance

by Jodi Ann (Gilbertville Ma)

You have saved me many many times and yet I need you more I learned as a girl you are not a wishing star. you are in me and for you to help I must help myself. Dear heavenly father my life is happy but my strenght is gone. cancer has changed me and taking care of my sister and her sons as she looks for work Is a true test of love and understanding and self worth is tested. I pray and cry to you everynight and I know you are with me. Because there is a roof over my head. and food for the kids. I guess my i pray never leave me Im lost in this world I try hard to stay upbeat and yet cry every night. my depression is getting worse and life seems so hard. and yet my lord you give me a smile two great boys greatful and health knowing I cant have kids you gave them to me my sister younger my best friend in this world. many steps in this you have helped us be as one. I pray you hold us in the night wake by us in the day keep us from harm and teach us love for others. forgiven all whom crossed us and pray for the lost people in this world I have nothing and yet you have given me a world of love and hope thank you amen.

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