I Pray For Your Protection Today and Always

Dear Lord,

Protect me from my enemies who I walk among daily. Please protect me from the thief who stole from me and what this person has already done to me. Bring this person to justice so I may never have to suffer again. This person not be awarded any kind of prosperity until all debts they have caused me is paid in full. Please protect me from those who want to harm me.

I am weak and vunerable and cannot withstand anymore hurt. I need your grace and your understanding Lord to help me pay the debts I have been unjustly given. Please protect my lively hood so I may be able to help my family. Protect me from those who want to stick their nose into my business for it is none of theirs to know.

Protect me from the one who keeps bothering me about petty things that are not important. Pave a way for two who need a better opportunity to move on to. I pray all this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. AMEN

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