I pray for the Lord to help make this relationship right

by L ()

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am in so much emotional pain right now and feel I have nowhere to turn but to You. you have given me many blessings in this life, yet I have another to ask for. Dear Jesus, I am in love with F. I truly love him and I know he loves me. I trust him. It is a good relationship, because he is a good man. He strayed from you but I can feel him coming back. We love each other deeply and the relationship is serious. He is the first man I loved. He is important to me. Yet my mother will not give us her blessing. She feels he is wrong for me and will not make me happy because his cultural background is different from mine. Dear Lord, I know that God’s plan for us is good, that if we turn to You, and to Him, help will come to us, so that is what I ask now. That God’s will be done. If God intended us for one another, as I believe, than I pray that You soften my mother’s heart to this relationship, that You show her how he is a good man for me. My family is important to me and I need her blessing and want her to be a part of my life with him. Yet if it is not God’s will that we be united, then all I am asking for is for F to not be hurt. My mother is asking of me that I say things to him to keep him away that will hurt him badly and I cannot bring myself to do that. It feels wrong. And so I ask that you help him move on and find the one that God has intended for him. And to give me the strength to be a friend to him and whoever his heart choses. Please my Lord, please I pray that whatever the outcome, neither my parents nor F suffer, and that is only possible through Your Goodness. May God’s will be done. Amen.

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