I pray for the forgiveness of my sins

Oh God,i bless your name because you are worthy and there known like thee, your word is Yes and Amen, i pray for the forgiveness of my sins because of thy tender mercy upon my life and the life of any one who’s ready, i pray that may you look into my situation and settle my case, may you grant the desires of my heart and make them come true,even the dept which i put myself into because of my foolishness,the God that makes a way in the wilderness and cause water to flow in the desert please come for my help because my hope is only on you oh Lord ,in your loving kindness oh Lord.

May your only peace and patience be upon every-one we’re owing pending when we will see money to pay them back, may you bless the works of our hand and as well answer all my request even the ones that have escape my memory in JESUS MIGHTY AND WONDERFUL NAME AMEN.

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