I pray for strength to make it though each day

by Tracey (OK, USA)

I pray for strength to make it though each day to not let others words bother me. to let go of the emotional truama that is being caused in my life by my boyfriends family to heal me and them of their sickness Father, help me learn to place all my burdens at your feet to let go of them once.

I place them there because only you can lift them from me and take care of my problems Lord watch over me guide me especially right now Father when I feel so weak from the constant anger that has been filling my heart and life so that I may once again walk in your light and follow your path.

I ask you to forgive me of my sins and short comings Father take me back into your fold and keep me safe from evil watch over me guide me send your angels to watch over me let me feel their loving embrace . carry me Father for I’m not strong enough to walk on my own. I ask these things in Jesus name Amen