I Pray for Smoother sailing in our business

Dear Lord

I ask for yours blessing and financial help to our business it has been tough 61/2 years this year being the hardest . We have survived natural disasters and global recession but the toil this year has taken has been the toughest on us all . I pray for your help for money to be given easily however you see fit and allowing the flow of money to come in with ease to our bank account and continue steadily everyday through sales and however else you see fit . I ask for help in this instance . We work incrediably hard between us both and we now ask for help to clear the path for money to come with ease and steadily increase on a daily basis to allow bills to be paid and profits to be made .and to be able save some as well . And then for the business to be able to be sold quickly to the right person who will love and respect it as well as my husband has moved in his job and location is no longer right for us hereabd need to be together .
I ask for your help here , please allow the flow of money into our lives for the hard work done and doing . Thank you

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