I Pray for My Daughter To Be Apart Of Life Without Interruption Or Interference From Her Mother


Oh God hear my prayer… I pray for peace & harmony between the mentally ill sick mother of my child… That she does not interfere with the relationship that my daughter & I have rebuilt over the last 2 years since before the last 4 years that her mother unfairly took her away from each other… I pray that she won’t ever interfere in our relationship ever again… & That she’ll only cooperate with the two of us to build an even stronger Foundation & bond of our relationship between father & daughter … I also pray that her last name is changed to the proper last name it’s supposed to be… And that her mother does not indoctrine herself in evil any more for illegal activity 2 try to gain an advantage over me or anyone else she is attempting to manipulate… Oh Lord please hear my solemn prayer to protect my daughter’s mentally stability, emotional stability , & protect my baby from any physical harm with all your angels over her… I pray that you continue to bless me & our family towards prosperity & success in your namesake O Lord I pray this to you…