I pray for my current situation my fiancé left me and his five year old child.

Dear Heavenly Father I pray for my current situation my fianc left me and his five year old child. I am praying for a Devine intervention healing right now. I love my partner we have been together for about twenty years. Another woman has come between our relationship.

I am praying for this stumbling block to be remove. For my partner eyes to be open up to see how much he loves is family and how much his family loves him. Dear God what is hurtful about this situation is this lady knows me and her child and my child goes to the same school and same class and are the best of friends. It hurts me to now my partner his disrespected me like that but I love him and forgive him and I want my family. It has been three weeks since he left and he can’t give me a clear answer to where I stand in his life after twenty years. I know he is confuse so Heavenly Father open his eyes so he can see clearly. Our sons aches for his father to come home he has nightmares. Our is always getting up throug the night looking for his dad. Our son prays for his dad to return home. Dear Heavenly it pains me so much to see my child hurt. I sit wondering how my partner can leave his family to be with another family which is his child best friend family and back off. Heavenly I love my family and I love my partner remove this stumbling block so my partner eyes can be open. So he can come back home to his family. I know can’t do this by myself I need your help. We need your help my child and myself. I know you will work this out. Amen

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