i pray for love happiness and not to be judged for who i am

by Joanie (N.L)

Dear lord i pray to you today that me and my boyfriend last in eour relationship i love him and i know he loves me but i want him to love me forever like i have never been loved before and may be ask me to marry him soon i just want to be happy lord and he is the one and also i which that people will not judge me i the same as everyone else and shouldnt be judged i have kids that i love so very much and want them with me i miss them so lord life is to short to be judging people all the time and i hope that my friends can see that im a good person i want to enjoy my life with my bf and for him to love me like no one has loved me before i love him so much and just want happiness with him i ask you lord to answer my prayers in the name of the father amen