I Pray For Hope

O Lord, I come to you again for mercy. I pray I have nothing to worry about from Nov. and Dec. trials and tribulations.

It has worried me almost insane. I remember talking to someone about it and they assured me it was all good. But, I still do not know for certain it is. Not knowing how things worked then, I was confident all was well.

I have suffered so much and cannot rest until I feel I am alright. I keep hearing from that horrible person who lead me into this mess with last night being the last time. Please protect me from this evil evil person. They used your name in vein and I do not want to ever hear from him again ever. It has caused me great pain and it is Satan who is behind all this. But, instead, Satan has lead me back to you, Lord.

I worship you and honor you and beg for your forgiveness of all my sins of the past. Please protect me and not allow anything bad to happen to me, Lord. I have not heard anything so far from this place and hope I never do. I have suffered so much already.

I have lost an awful lot of money and cannot afford anymore losses. Please, please Lord, protect me. That is all I ask from you, Lord. I have been a very lonely person for years and have no one to help me out. I know this is in your time if you will allow me to have someone. I was not made to be alone, Lord. I am having a tough time making the right decisions and need help in doing that. I pray what I have done will not hurt my chances if I have any left to find my true love. I pray my life is not over because of all this.

Please Lord, save me!! I know your are my Saviour and I need you so much in my life. I am back in church and I am trying to live right. Walk with me each day and make me feel your presence at all time, dear Lord. You are my saving grace. In your name Jesus, I pray. AMEN

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