I pray for healing and restoration for my marriage

I pray for healing and restoration for my marriage. I pray for healing for my husband heart and for him to find the love we once shared. My love for him is still as strong as when we married 20 years ago. He is tearing apart our family and somehow thinks we will be better apart. I don’t want to be apart and I don’t want a divorce. I believe in Jesus’s name that his can and will be healed. I have a strong faith but this is breaking me so quickly. Dear Lord in heaven hear my prayer. Stop this insanity and bring my family together. Lord you can do miracles. I am afraid Lord. I need you. My daughters need you. I am desperate for healing and my family to be made whole. We may be broken but we can be put back together with your grace. I am a wreck and my girls are hurting so much. Open my husbands heart lord, let his see the damage he is doing and let his heart be changed. Please lord I beg of you to hear and answer my prayer.

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