I pray for healing a restoration in my marriage

by Brandy (Texas)

I pray for healing a restoration in my marriage. I pray my husband respects me and loves me so much to fix his wrong doings and see clearly how his actions are hurting us. I pray our hearts warm up to each other as they did the moment we knew we wanted to be married.

I pray he learns from his past to be a better husband in his present and future with me as his wife. I pray for positive change in the right direction closer to God in our marriage. I pray God moves mountains and restores our love for one another and matures my husband into the grown, responsible, respectful, loving husband God wants to create for me as his wife. I pray love and peace overflows within our household.

I pray GOD takes care of me and my son while I wait on GOD to fix my husband to be the one to do so. I pray GOD stands in to be my husband until he has complete my earthly husband to be there for me and our son. I pray GOD heals my relationship wounds and lightens my heart. I pray GOD remove every stubborn bone and is unreasonable out of my earthly husband. I believe GOD will not forsake me nor rebuke me and wash the blood of Jesus over my husband so that he can change and be there for me and our son in a loving and fun and responsible manner.

I believe GOD can and will improve my husband without me giving up on him. It is so and shall be done because GOD loved me first and brought me and my husband together and no foolishness of my earthly husband will prosper. Change for greatness is coming and I can’t wait. No more tear, stress or heartache.

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