I pray for God to heal and restore our marriage everyday

by R. Thaddeus (Thibodaux, La. USA)

3 years ago I got caught up in a short lived affair. I tried to hide it but, it all blew up in my face. I’ve been in marriage counseling for the last 3 years he chose not to participate except for a couple of sessions.

Roughly 9 months ago she began to tell me she didn’t have any feelings for me you didn’t love me anymore. 3 months ago she moved out and refuses to communicate. I repented back then and was trying to work things out with her. She just began to detach and wouldn’t discuss our relationship.

It was like witchcraft! Negative views of our relationship is all she focuses on. She refuses to attend church or take visits from Christian friends. I pray for God to heal and restore our marriage everyday. I’m heart broken and in anguish of soul. She is so hard and bitter. She wants a divorce and shuts me out of any contact or communication. I trust God to save us though! Depression and suicide won’t win this battle.

Only God can and will. Join me as I stand against the evil forces working against us. I encourage everyone else to fight this spirit of divorce that has such a stronghold in our country. Family is worth fighting for! Never give up or give in!

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